Here you can find information about studies currently recruiting in the DCN Lab. If you would like to participate please contact the researcher for a full information sheet. We will share updates about the results of our research when the research is completed. Check this space for updates!

Opportunity to participate in language experiment recruiting monolingual English-speaking children

Is your child 7-8 years old? Does s/he speak only English? If so, we would really appreciate if your child could take part in our study.

As a reward, s/he will receive a small toy, will be able to pick up some Russian during the task, and will receive a certificate of participation.

S/he will spend about an hour in the lab learning some Russian words, viewing pictures on the computer and listening to Russian sentences. Your child will also be asked to play a memory game where s/he will perform some simple tasks in English on the computer. The aim of the experiment is to find out more about child second language learning.

The experiment will take place in Darwin Building at the University of Central Lancashire.  If you are interested, please contact Nadiia at or Tel: 01772894455 to receive a full information sheet, ask any questions and set up an appointment.


Opportunity to participate in psychology auditory experiment recruiting adults

This study investigates how the brain processes voices and requires participants to complete a listening task and some basic questionnaires. We are looking for volunteers aged 18 to 36 to take part in a two part study. The first part of the study will take no longer than 45 minutes and will involve completing a computerised listening task and a few questionnaires. You may then be asked to take part in the second (EEG) study measuring your brain activity while you are doing the same listening task.

UCLan students will gain 4 SONA credits for taking part in the first part of the study and a further 12 SONA credits for the second (EEG) study.

All participants will receive a debriefing statement with the results of our research. If you are interested, please contact Rohanna at to receive a full information sheet, ask any questions and set up an appointment.