Tony’s visit

Professor Tony J. Simon kindly visited our School from the MIND Institute & Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at University of California, Davis last week and gave a great talk on pediatric cognitive neuroscience and neurodevelopmental disorders. Tony’s talk was followed by a social event with drinks and dinner. Tony started his academic journey from the University of Central Lancashire as a Psychology student of (what was then) Preston Polytechnic.



Pamela’s leaving party

Pamela has stepped down from her role as co-director of the DCN Lab to take up a position as Professor of Psychology for Education at The University of Manchester. We are sad to see Pamela go but wish her well in her new role and we look forward to continuing our collaboration. Many thanks to everyone who came to the leaving party organised for Pamela on the 8th August 2017. In the future, Pamela can be contacted at

Seminar on Loneliness

Congratulations to Dr. Pamela Qualter for organising a fantastic seminar on loneliness on Friday 4th June 2016 at the School of Psychology, University of Central Lancashire. Professor Christina Victor kindly visited us from Brunel University in London, discussed with the team about research in loneliness and gave a fantastic talk on loneliness in the old age.  Christina’s presentation was followed by a social event with drinks and dinner. This event was of great interest to staff and students alike and highlighted the importance of studying loneliness from a lifespan perspective.